Friday, September 26, 2008

Naadi Josiyam... That is what they say!!!!

Last weekend, me and my hubby had gone for a "Spiritual" tour, (as we call it) to down south, in Tamil Nadu. We had gone to places like Kumbakonam, Mayavaram, Tanjore etc. In our 2 day trip, on sunday we had gone to one Sivan temple called Vaitheeswaran Koil. It is around 17kms from Mayiladuhurai. Here the Lord is supposed to protect people from health issues and people having any kind of health ailment, if they come and pray here, it is believed to be cured..!!! Such is the power of the Lord here.
There is something much more famous than the Lord himself in this place. It is called "Naadi Josiyam". Heard about this..???? So.. what is this?? what is so special about this...?? Well.. It is said that, when you are born, your destiny is already written for you - what we call as "fate". Its just another form of astrology, but which is believed to be the most accurate of all..!!!!
This kind of astrology, tells about you, your family etc, by reading ur fingerprint (mostly the Thumb print). Your fingerprint is so unique that it can totally "talk" about you..!!! Sounds good right.. :)
We, just out of curiosity, went to this place and wanted to see how the entire thing works. My hubby gave his fingerprint to this man (I escaped off!!!!), and that man says, there will be a set of "olai chuvadi" (scripts written on leaves on those olden days) matching for this particular thumb print and he will filter out the actual "olai" written for my hubby by asking us some questions and matching the same. Weird na..??????? Anyways.. he asked us some basic questions for which my hubby answered, and it came to a point where he himself told that - it is written in the "olai" that my hubby's wife's name will be "Prithi"....!!!!! I was shell shocked..!!! We never told this guy my name or my hubby's name, but he reads the entire thing out from the "olai"..!!!!!! We were really stunned..!!! And this guy keeps reading, talking about my hubby's family, his background, his nature of job etc etc.. and everything turned out to be true...!!! God..!!! How the hell is this possible...?????
I am a firm believer of God and i strongly believe in something called as "fate" or whatever you call it as. Moreover, i believe in science too..!!! I did a project on fingerprint processing in my final year, in which i exploited the idea of the fingerprint being unique for each and every person, and used the same for cryptography. When i was researching for my project, i found out that characteristics of the fingerprint, and how it is said to be unique for each and every person..!! All these are proven facts..!!! Do you know that, even twins fingerprints differs..??? Amazing na..????
I also read somewhere that the actual meaning of Naadi Josiyunm is: Naadi – means approaching…We approach the Rishis through Naadi josiyars to predict the future for us, which they have already done 2000 years back. According to the Rishis, life is full of Mathematics…So using horoscope, they calculate each and everyday happenings for us…If we don’t have any horoscope, the person, who reads the Naadi, [called as Naadi josiyar] takes the Thumb impression of us and with that he predicts our future. Interesting eh....????!!!!
Why did i suddenly wrote about this..?? This astrologer guy told lots about us, our family, our occupation etc and it was kinda eating my head..!!! Is this concept of naadi josiyam true or is it just that these people are smart enough to pull words from our mouth..?? Dunno..!!
There is a very famous proverb
I Believe it because I Hope for it. - Leon Blum
This is what happens in most of the cases i guess.. But one thing i learnt after going through this entire stuff is - Be positive and have faith in God. I feel God is not only a supernatural power but also your guide who will help you in taking the right path in your life..!!! Its just that the path is already set for you - your fate, your naadi or whatever..!!!!! Just like we have Guru (teachers) in schools, in organizations where we identify some person as our role model, in our everyday life where we see our mom n dad as our guide, we can also view God as a Guru who will help us, guide us and save us in all scenarios. This will help each and everyone of us in all means..!!!!
Ok Ok... am not preaching here.. its getting too spiritual... hehehe.. :))
By the way... Do you believe in this..??? Lemme know... :)


  1. U created interest in me to research on Naadi Josiyam

  2. HI Prithi,
    nice to read ur blog abt Naadi josyam. I dont find any such amazement in that. All this astrology is very old science which present ppl cannot understand due to dull brains. But still we have some.

    Its no wonder the only sciences important for human civilization are basically medicine(ayurveda) and astrology(jyothisya)...

    Very nice. I really wanted to go there earlier as well...but no one with me to come....

    pls send more details...

    have a nice Holi

  3. Hello Prithi,
    Thanks for your wonderful blog!
    Very interesting to read your blog.This blog truly says the importance of naadi josiyam.People who dont believe in naadi josiyam , by reading your blog will come to a positive end.